[freekeenenews] City Bans BEARCAT Promotional Video from Being Shown at Committee Meeting

I was told today by city staff that I would be disallowed from showing
the LENCO video promoting their BEARCAT attack vehicle.

LENCO’s head salesman, Jim Massery admitted on the phone today that he
didn’t think it should be shown to the council as it’s intended to
market to the police.

Of course, that’s the point. LENCO is not marketing the BEARCAT to
police as a rescue vehicle, as the council has been told. The
councilors should see how this monstrosity is being promoted. If you
haven’t, please watch the video that the city attorney doesn’t want
you or the city commission to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm4bzV31k14
(Also, note that LENCO changed the permissions on their video to make
it so it is not searchable and also so it can’t be embedded on other
websites…like this one.) Then come out on Thursday evening as people
speak out against it. It’s our chance to reverse the deal and say,
“Thanks but no tanks!”

LENCO’s head of sales also said he’d be attending the Keene committee
meeting, which tells me LENCO doesn’t quite think they have this sale