NHDP - Ovide Puts Social Issues, Taking Away NH Citizens' Rights at Forefront of Campaign

Concord, NH - This afternoon, Republican candidate for Governor Ovide Lamontagne made his first public campaign appearance of 2012 at a sparsely attended anti-marriage equality rally at the State House. New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Lamontagne making fringe social issues the focus of his campaign.


"It is clear Ovide's priorities lie in exactly the same place where they were 20 years ago when he began his career as a four time losing candidate - he is focused on fringe social issues and the reckless Tea Party agenda at the State House. Instead of talking about jobs, the economy, or common sense solutions to the problems facing New Hampshire, Ovide spent the day paling around with far right social conservatives and helping them force their out of touch agenda on New Hampshire."


A recent University of New Hampshire poll reported that New Hampshire remains opposed to repeal of marriage equality. "Strong opponents of repealing same-sex marriage continue to outnumber strong proponents by more than 2 to 1," said Andrew Smith, Director of the UNH Survey Center. "The New Hampshire public is not showing any strong desire to repeal this law." [10/13/2011]


"Ovide should have spent the afternoon chastising House Speaker Bill O'Brien and the other members of the Republican legislature on the stage next to him instead of trying to strip away rights from New Hampshire citizens. The legislature's reckless and irresponsible agenda is what concerns New Hampshire voters, not who their friends and relatives are marrying," continued Buckley.


When asked in the most recent UNH poll, Granite State voters are self-identifying the Republican legislature as the second most serious problem facing the state of New Hampshire. The Republican legislature has been one of the three most serious problems facing the state in four consecutive polls. [02/06/2012]