NHGOP Comments on Cilley's Gubernatorial Announcement

Chairman MacDonald: “Cilley and Hassan Both Fit Into The Narrow Ideology of the Democrat Party – Taxes, Spending, Government”

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement in response to Jackie Cilley’s plans to run for governor:

“With Jackie Cilley’s decision to run for governor, voters in the Democrat primary now have two choices, but they might as well be the same.  Jackie Cilley and Maggie Hassan both fit into the narrow ideology of the Democrat Party – higher taxes, increased spending and more government control. 

“As a state senator, Cilley was routinely a rubberstamp for her party’s leadership, even when it meant going along with a secret meeting to help ram through Governor John Lynch’s small business LLC income tax plan.  In 2010, voters rejected Cilley’s tax-and-spend record because she focused more on growing the size of government than with creating good-paying private sector jobs.

“I’m confident that the Republican Party will re-take the governor’s office in November because there’s a sharp contrast between the two sides.  The party of Jackie Cilley and Maggie Hassan wants to return New Hampshire to the fiscally irresponsible path of taxes, spending and government, while our party wants to continue its fight to reign in government growth and establish an environment that creates jobs.”