UNH Granite State Poll Confirms Freedom to Marry Law Remains Popular in NH

CONCORD, NH- Standing Up for NH Families issued the following statement from Co-Chair, Craig Stowell of Claremont in response to the WMUR/UNH Survey Center Granite State Poll released today which shows 59 percent of New Hampshire citizens’ support the freedom to marry:  

 “We've now had a full year's worth of polls on the question of repealing our marriage equality law and the result is always the same -- voters do not want the legislature messing with this law.  This is not a close call.  By a consistent margin of nearly two-to-one, voters are telling legislators to leave this popular law alone and get back to work on the economic challenges of our day.”
The latest UNH poll demonstrated that the solid support for marriage equality has remained strong over the past year with bipartisan backing across every single age group, despite a nationally funded campaign by the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) targeting lawmakers and voters. 
“We can debate this issue forever," said Republican Stowell, "but if legislators really do what they say -- which is to listen to their constituents -- they'll stop this effort to turn back the clock and allow all New Hampshire families to be treated equally under the law. It's time to listen to the people of New Hampshire.”
Other recent polls include the Granite State Poll conducted in October, 2011 by the UNH Survey Center and Voter Consumer Research (December 2011), a preeminent polling firm used by President George W. Bush.  Both showed nearly two-thirds of voters oppose repealing the 2009 marriage equality law.