NHDP - New Video: One Man's Story About President Obama's Commitment to End Iraq War

Tells how a man with a purple shirt was there at every step as President kept promise to bring all troops home


Concord, NH--- A new video released by Obama for America tells the unique story of how one man was there at every key point as President Obama kept his promise to end the war in Iraq and bring all of our troops home.  You can view the video here.


Bob Howard, a civil rights attorney from Chicago, was there when Obama spoke out against the Iraq War in 2002. He was there again when Obama outlined his plan to end the war in 2007. And in December, 2011 Howard watched as Obama welcomed the last troops home from Iraq. 


And at every step of the way, Howard was wearing his lucky purple shirt.


Like millions of other voters across America, Howard knew the President was taking a responsible, principled stand at a time when it was viewed as politically dangerous.


"President Obama had the guts to come out and say no, this is the wrong thing to do," said Howard. "Ending the war is one of the many reasons why I know I chose the right candidate. It makes him a strong president and trust worthy."


"Voters want to support candidates who stand for their values," said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Whether it is ending the war in Iraq, or passing healthcare reform, or standing up to Wall Street and protecting consumers, President Obama has kept his promises to voters. He has proven himself to be a leader with conviction. That is something that is lacking in the political world these days, when many candidates will say or do anything to get elected."