ALG's Daily Grind: The gas price manipulation boogeyman returns

Feb. 29, 2012


The gas price manipulation boogeyman returns

Another price shock in oil and gasoline prices would not be complete without Democrats again waiving the speculators' card.

Our Very Sarcastic Report On States' Spending

President Obama doesn't want the states to cut their spending too much. We throw on our sarcasm to let you know that we think more spending is a great idea...NOT!

Ginsburg is missing a fundamental point

The Constitution is not a document designed to empower the government to protect its people, but rather one that was designed to protects its people from their government. 

The Electric Vehicle Brick

The $100,000+ Tesla electric vehicle reportedly has at least five instances out of the 2,200 in production where the battery ran down to a zero charge and the vehicle ceased to function.