Kevin Smith: "My philosophy on government is that government will not create jobs, but government can foster the environment that can create jobs."


Foster’s Daily Democrat: GOP Candidate for Governor Tours Red Hook, Decries Regs that Stifle Business

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith took a brief tour of the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth on Thursday, calling attention to state regulations that restrict the type of beer that can be brewed at the facility.

Smith said he requested a tour of the Red Hook Brewery after reading a newspaper article about a similar tour given earlier this month to several members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Red Hook company officials used the opportunity to showcase the variety of beers produced at the facility, and to discuss regulations they say hamper some New Hampshire brewers.

"It was right up my alley, in terms of what I've been talking about on the trail," Smith said, "which is reducing some of the onerous regulations on small businesses to spur more economic growth in the state, and to spur businesses to expand their operations."

Red Hook was founded in Washington in the 1980s, and expanded to open a brewery in Portsmouth in 1996. Ted Lane, a company spokesperson, said Red Hook is unable to brew certain "specialty" beers at its Portsmouth facility because of existing brewery regulations in New Hampshire.

In order to move a supply of those specialty beers into the state, Red Hook must pay to store the beer at a facility in Massachusetts, then ship it to wholesalers in the Granite State, Lane said.



Portsmouth Herald: Gov. Candidate Visits Brewery

Smith said he decided to visit the local brewery located at Pease International Tradeport after reading a story in the Portsmouth Herald about how the brewery is feeling constricted by New Hampshire regulations.

New Hampshire regulates the beer industry more stringently than the federal government, which, according to officials at Redhook, limits the types of beer they can produce in the state.

If elected governor in November, Smith said he would work to change those types of regulations.

"Things like that we should take a close look at to see what we can do from a policy level to alleviate some of these regulations on small business so they can do more business here in the state," Smith said. "It's common sense stuff like that."



PortsmouthPatch: Smith: State Needs Less Business Regulations

Kevin Smith was intrigued when he learned that Redhook Ale Brewery at Pease International Tradeport was feeling constricted by New Hampshire regulations that prevent it from brewing certain types of beer.

For that reason, the Republican Gubernatorial candidate said he reached out to Redhook officials so he could tour the facility on Thursday and learn more about the issues they have experienced.

"I hear from small businesses more frequently the state over regulates," said Smith, 34, of Litchfield. If elected Governor in November, Smith said he would work to change that in Concord.