NHDP - Even Stephen Colbert Thinks Its Crazy

Dear Democrat:


Remember those good old days, when you could kick back and watch the Daily Show or the Colbert Report and chuckle at the insane antics of those crazy state legislators from states like Texas or Alabama?


Sadly, those days are behind us. These days when you turn on the late night shows to see who is being mocked, there is a good chance it's one of Bill O'Brien's out of touch House Republicans that are being held up for ridicule.


Just last night, it was New Hampshire's own Kyle Jones who was singled out for "praise" by the faux pundit, who profiled Jones' support of HB1574, which would repeal the requirement that employers give their employees a lunch break.


Watch the video here


Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party minions are turning New Hampshire into a national punchline. Barely a day goes by when a national cable network isn't finding something outrageous done by the Republican Legislature to roll their eyes at.


The good news is you can help make it stop.


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Please join me in purchasing your ticket today - its a first step in taking New Hampshire back.


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