NHDP - House Republicans Ask Congress To Privatize Social Security

Concord, NH - Once again, Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party friends in Concord seem to believe that they have the answer to everything. Now they have decided they know how to fix social security. All that needs to been done is to privatize it. All of it. No exceptions.


Last Tuesday the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 8-6 to pass HCR 39, a resolution which urges congress to privatize social security. The Resolution is expected to be voted on by the full House next week.


"Not content with asking Congress to withdraw from the United Nations, the House Republican Caucus would now like to see Congress 'privatize all aspects of social security,'" said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair ray Buckley.


Neither Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, nor Rick Santorum's plans involve privatization of ALL aspects of Social Security. Even Ron Paul, when he talks about privatization is sure to provide a number of caveats. Bill O'Brien and his House Republican Caucus are so out of touch with mainstream Granite State values that they have managed to put themselves to the right of the entire Republican Presidential field.


"One only needs to look back at the final years of the Bush Administration to know that private investing has no guaranteed return. Markets rise and fall for a myriad of reasons," said Buckley. "Yet now, the dangerous Republican House wants to take the security out of social security by putting everyone, young or old, in charge of managing their own retirement accounts, with nary a safety net in sight."


Social Security reform is a nuanced and complicated issue that is sure to be well debated between now and November. Yet the House Republicans continue to prove their recklessness by believing that they can fix everything with just seven sentences.