Subpoenas for four judges in State v. Jason Talley.

On 02/28/12 I attempted to have the Cheshire County Superior Court
Clerk officiate four subpoenas for witnesses in the defense of Jason
Talley, a Keene, NH resident that I presently am defending in the Cheshire
Superior Court on the charges of “Contempt of Court,” “Disorderly Conduct,”
and “Resisting Arrest or Detention.” The clerks office refused to sign the

All four subpoenas are for active judges of the New Hampshire Judicial

Those judges are:

Keene Circuit Court-District Division Presiding Judge Edward Burke
Cheshire County Superior Court Presiding Judge John Arnold
Circuit Court Administrative Judge Edwin Kelley
Superior Court Chief Judge Tina Nadeau

Mr. Talley was arrested for the mere possession of a video camera. He
was not using the video camera to film anyone, he simply had the camera
attached to his belt. A judge-made rule having the force and effect of law
was instituted on 07/15/11 under Part II, Article 73-a of the New Hampshire
Constitution that stated that no member of the public could carry even a
cell phone with a video camera into the building. This rule, the rule that
resulted in Mr. Talley being arrested when attempting to enter the court facility,
was instituted fourteen days after the Judicial Branch enacted two rules having
the force and effect of law restricting filming in any public area of the court
building. The three rules altogether restrict Part I, Article 22 of the
New Hampshire Constitution, that being the right to the freedom of the

The two initial rules enacted on 07/01/11 came into effect three days after
Keene Circuit Court-District Division Judge Edward Burke was caught on
camera lying about a member of the media “threatening” him, resulting in
that man’s imprisonment for two days on a fabrication. The man spent two
days incarcerated unjustly and Judge Burke remains an active judge with
the ability to find guilty those who break the same law he did.

The video of the interaction is viewable in its entirety at

As I am not a Justice of the Peace and am unable to authorize a subpoena,
I turned to the Superior Court Clerk’s office to officiate my subpoenas for the
judges who were involved in restricting Mr. Talley’s rights, ending in his arrest.
They refused and told me I would need to find an alternative Justice of the

Last evening, New Hampshire State Representative George Lambert, an
appointed Justice of the Peace, officiated all four subpoenas. New Hampshire
State Representative JR Hoell witnessed as the documents became court
orders for judges to appear as witnesses in a criminal trial.

The subpoenas will be provided to the Cheshire and Merrimack County Sheriff’s
Departments for service.

Bradley Jardis