NH GOP - 114 is Company...But 115 is a Crowd; Where is Carol?

Before we get to today’s news stories, one item caught our attention.  

President Barack Obama released this week a list of 114 “New Hampshire leaders” who will serve on his campaign's steering committee.  Guess who's missing from the list?  Carol Shea-Porter.  Yes, the same Carol Shea-Porter who said she supports her party leaders 100 percent of the time because they're right 100 percent of the time.  Although I'm sure former Congresswoman Shea-Porter disagrees with her Washington leaders on this one, my question, Mr. President, is this: Would a list of 115 supporters have been too long?  

GALLUP: Americans Fear Impact of Foreign-Held Debt on Economy: About three in four Americans are "very concerned" about how the amount of U.S. debt held by other countries will affect the U.S. economy. Fewer, but still majorities, express that level of concern about the political situation in Iran and trade relations with China. (Elizabeth Mendes, Gallup, 3/9/2012)

NASHUA TELEGRAPH: House GOP Rejects Required Health Care Exchange: Republican state Chairman Wayne MacDonald praised the House action. “When it comes to Obamacare, the list of problems never ends,” MacDonald said. “It spends borrowed money, it raises taxes; in many ways, it puts the government in charge, and through these exchanges it eliminates choices for patients.” (Kevin Landrigan, Nashua Telegraph, 3/9/2012)

NASHUA TELEGRAPH: Voter ID Bill Clears Senate, Moves to House: The state Senate overwhelmingly approved the requirement that voters have to show a valid photo ID at the polls. . . . Republican State Chairman Wayne MacDonald. . . . noted that in the state’s presidential primary, conservative activists were able to successfully pose as deceased voters and initially obtained ballots at targeted polls in Nashua and Manchester. “It’s absurd that so many Democrats continue to claim no problem exists,” MacDonald said. “Despite Democrats’ best efforts to preserve the status quo and the potential undermining of legitimate votes, Republicans remain committed to passing a voter ID law, which protects the integrity of our elections and ensures that voters get to exercise one of their most fundamental rights.” (Kevin Landrigan, Nashua Telegraph, 3/9/2012)