NH Republicans For Climate - Bass supports energy efficiency.

New Hampshire Republicans concerned about the environment are cautiously optimistic that at least one of the state’s elected GOP officials in Washington is taking a common sense approach to energy legislation.

Last week, the non-partisan League of Conservation Voters released its analysis of the voting records of each congressman on several important energy, climate and environment bills.

Congressman Charlie Bass voted in favor of more than half of 17 key bills aimed at preserving clean air and continuing environmental protection.

For example, Bass was one of only 10 pragmatic GOP congressman who voted against repealing standards for light bulb efficiency which have been widely supported by the lighting industry.

Last month, Bass introduced a rare bi-partisan bill, the Smart Energy Act, that would stimulate innovations in energy efficiency technology by targeting the federal government's use of energy in nearly a half-million federal buildings. By targeting public buildings, the bill encourages the private sector to invest in energy efficiency technologies, thereby reducing the cost of operating a building and the burden on the taxpayer.

Congressman Bass is that rare Republican — the only one in New Hampshire -- who is willing to act independently by crossing the aisle to introduce and gain support for fiscally responsible, science-based legislation. Let’s hope that more Republicans follow his example and make climate-sensitive energy legislation an irreversible trend.

—Farrell S. Seiler, Chairman

New Hampshire Republicans for Climate
Littleton, New Hampshire