Johnson Optimistic About Libertarian Presidential Campaign

Candidate hopes to carry Ron Paul torch.
March 7, 2012
Concord Patch
By Tony Schinella

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, one of 11 candidates seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, made a campaign stop in Concord on March 7, reaching out to party activists and raising money for his campaign.

Johnson met with about 25 people at the party’s new office on North Main Street. For nearly two hours, the candidate answered questions about his policy positions and how he planned to run his campaign. Johnson said he was focusing on gaining as much 15 percent in the polls in order to qualify for a place in the national debates. Currently, he’s polling as high as 9 percent, Johnson said. After getting on as many ballots as possible, he’ll be attempting to raise money via the federal public finance system and then, hopes to get at least 5 percent in the national election in order to secure as much as $90 million in public financing for a 2016 campaign. Johnson also suggested he might run again at that time.
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