NH DOC - Three Corrections Officers Recognized With Special Medals

(Concord, NH) On March 12, 2012, New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn awarded three Corrections Officers at the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord with the Department’s Life Saving Medal.

On September 23, 2011, Corrections Officers James Welch, Edward Vocell, and Bonnie Johnson prevented a inmate from hanging himself in the Reception and Diagnostic Unit of the Concord facility.  Officer Welch raised the alarm and called for assistance from Officer Vocell.  The two officers worked together to bring the inmate to safety although he was not breathing.  Officer Johnson applied chest compressions until the inmate began breathing on his own.

For their prompt and alert action and through personal disregard to their own personal safety they demonstrated exceptional effort toward the preservation of human life. 

Commissioner Wrenn congratulated the three officers and said, “These officers utilized their Correctional training skills and went above and beyond to safely resolve a potentially tragic situation.  These are the kind of dangers that our officers face on a daily basis and this is our way of recognizing their professionalism in their service to the public in the highest regard.”