Freedom Action Urges Senate To Vote To End Energy Subsidies

Freedom Action urged the Senate today to vote against amendments to the surface transportation bill, S. 1813, that will extend existing and create new energy tax subsidies and for an amendment that will end all energy tax subsidies.  Specifically, Freedom Action supports amendment #1589 offered by Senator Jim DeMint and opposes amendment #1812 offered by Senator Debbie Stabenow and amendment #1782 offered by Senators Robert Menendez and Richard Burr. 

Freedom Action also announced that the roll call votes on all three amendments will be included in its Affordable Energy Congressional Vote Ratings for 2011-12.

“By voting to end tax favoritism for corporate special interests, Senators will be making a clean break with the failed energy policies of the past forty years,” said Myron Ebell, president of Freedom Action. 

“The Congressional Budget Office reported last week that federal energy tax subsidies in 2011 totaled $24 billion.  Voting to end these subsidies will be a significant step toward putting the federal government’s fiscal house in order,” Ebell concluded.

The Stabenow would extend and expand a number of existing tax subsidies for wind power, a variety of biofuels, coal, oil and gas, energy efficient buildings and appliances, and plug-in electric vehicles.  The Menendez-Burr amendment would enact the NAT GAS Act, which creates huge new tax subsidies for heavy duty trucks fueled by natural gas, natural gas fueling stations and infrastructure, and natural gas used as a motor fuel.  The DeMint amendment would reduce and eventually end all tax subsidies for conventional, renewable, and alternative energy and for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Freedom Action sent out an action alert to its members on Monday.  The link to the alert may be found here.