NHDP - Desperate Republicans Attempt To Confuse NH Voters Into Marriage Equality Repeal

Despite the rapidly growing majority of New Hampshire citizens approving of New Hampshire's marriage equality statute, Bill O'Brien and his out of touch Tea Party allies are still insisting on subverting the will of the people and repealing the law passed two years ago.


Now they have decided to take the unprecedented step of presenting a confusing referendum to the people of New Hampshire, despite the fact that New Hampshire, with the largest state legislature in the country, is not a referendum state.


"Clearly O'Brien and crew read the handwriting on the wall and realize their days are numbered for their agenda of attacking the rights of New Hampshire's workers, protections for our children, families, and consumers, and for participating in the GOP war on women. New Hampshire voters reject the radical Tea Party agenda of O'Brien and his extremist cronies and will hold them accountable in November."


"New Hampshire has a long and proud tradition in recognizing that discrimination has no place in the law," said Buckley. "Instead, Bill O'Brien and David Bates want to destroy that tradition and write discrimination into statute by creating no less than three different classes of people under New Hampshire law."


"While the people of New Hampshire are demanding Republicans live up to their promise to focus on jobs, O'Brien and his radical and out of touch team are still insisting on pushing an outdated and unpopular social agenda on the people of New Hampshire. In order to do so, O'Brien and his extremist cronies are resorting to drafting legislation behind closed doors, bullying its members to support it, and then misleading the public about what they are doing."


"Fortunately the people of New Hampshire are not going to stand for such trickery and will see the Republican party's actions for what they are, nothing more than a pandering to out of state special interests that have no idea what the people of New Hampshire stand for," said Buckley