Maggie Hassan's Statement on the So-Called “Right to Work” Vote

MANCHESTER, NH – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan today released the following statement after the New Hampshire House voted to approve a so-called “right to work” bill:
“At a time when we need to create jobs and strengthen our workforce so we can grow our economy, Speaker Bill O’Brien and his Tea Party legislature are turning their backs on workers in the Granite state by taking away their most basic right -- to communicate and negotiate with their employers.  We should be working together to create 21st century jobs so that our workers can maintain and improve their family's standard of living, not moving backward by gutting the very laws that helped create the middle class.”  
“We need to focus on investing in our workforce so we can attract world-class companies to our state and help entrepreneurs build new, innovative businesses here.  Instead, this bill just reopens an argument that was settled long ago, and will roll back progress that has been essential to New Hampshire's growth and to its strong quality of life for middle class families.”
“New Hampshire cannot and should not turn its back on hard working middle class families – and that’s just what this so-called "right to work" bill would do. The right of workers to collectively bargain is one that I strongly support and as Governor, I will always fight to protect.”