NHDP - O'Brien and His Radical GOP Team Continue Effort to Hurt NH's Economy

CONCORD, NH - Having been unable to pass it last year, Bill O'Brien and the radical Tea Party fringe of the Republican party is once again trying to push the so called Right to Work bill on the hard working citizens of New Hampshire.


By a 198 to 139 margin, Bill O'Brien's radical Republican team in the New Hampshire House voted to pass HB 1677, a bill which contains verbatim the language contained in HB 474, which was vetoed by the Governor and sustained by the House last term.


"Everything that was true about this bill last term, remains true about it this term," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "The median wage in New Hampshire remains higher, and the poverty rate lower, than in all 22 states that have passed similar laws."


"By passing this legislation the far right of the Republican party has shown yet again that they are merely pawns of out of state interest groups, as there are no problems facing New Hampshire that would necessitate this bill. This is a nothing more than a pay off of their radical out of state sponsors."


"For over twenty-five years, fringe Republicans have been trying to pass what Nackey Loeb termed 'right to low pay,' or 'right to freeload' legislation, and it has time and time again been rejected by business and labor leaders alike," Buckley said. "Workers in New Hampshire need to know that when O'Brien's Republican leadership talks about jobs, they are talking jobs that are lower paying, with fewer benefits than those that already exist in New Hampshire."


"Right to Work for Less is bad for New Hampshire businesses, bad for New Hampshire workers, and bad for New Hampshire's economy."