ALG's Daily Grind: Waste, fraud and abuse--Symptoms of a bigger governmental disease

March 14, 2012


Waste, Fraud and Abuse - Symptoms of a Bigger Governmental Disease

Waste, fraud and abuse will never drain our Treasury the way unnecessary bureaucracies and unsustainable entitlement programs do.


Video: A Look At Voter Fraud And How Easy It Is To Commit

Thanks to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, see hidden camera video of voter fraud being committed and you will know that it is something that happens on a regular basis.


New Danish study claims CO2 makes you fat.guess we're all doomed

Besides melting the ice caps, raising sea levels, and melting the Earth, now everyone's least favorite gas will make you fat, too.


Gov. Jindal Looks to Empower Local Education Leaders and Constrain School Boards

With national attention focused mostly on Jindal's proposal to expand the New Orleans school voucher program into a statewide effort for Louisiana, the media has largely missed out on the other reform proposals that are just as significant.