ALG's Daily Grind: Your tax dollars went to lobbying for higher taxes

March 15, 2012


Your tax dollars went to lobbying for higher taxes

Daily Caller: $230 million had flowed in obesity prevention grants to 30 states as part of the "stimulus" found its way to influence peddlers who lobby local governments for higher taxes.


Video: 'REIN'ing In Ridiculous Regulations With A New Bill

Hear from ALG Counsel Nathan Mehrens on a new bill to stop some ridiculous ideas that come from bureaucrats in big Washington, DC buildings. A Kentucky Congressman is looking to "REIN" in regs.


Game Change: Important New Reflections

Ultimately, the outrage of Game Change is not just that it demeans Sarah Palin but that it insults conservatives and the intelligence of its viewers.


Lagarde: "I intend to recommend about $36.7 billion" for Greece

Today on March 15, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - which the U.S. funds-are meeting to approve another $36.7 billion bailout of Greece.