Genesis Code Movie DVD

Friends -

It's been a long time since The Genesis Code movie debuted in New Hampshire back in January of 2011 but it is finally available on DVD!

My wife and I had the honor of viewing The Genesis Code with producer/actor Jerry Zandstra and about 150 folks from New Hampshire.  We were amazed at how inspirational it was and we can't wait to order the DVD.  Sarra and I just can't speak highly enough of the movie and we hope you'll buy the DVD to see for yourself!

Fred Thompson, who has a role in the movie, just sent out an email with a code to get a $2 discount.  To purchase the DVD click here and enter Thompson in the promotional code section of the order form.

You'll love the movie!  Let me know if you have any questions or, buy it, watch it, and THEN let me know how you liked it!


Mike Dennehy

PS - You can learn all about The Genesis Code at