CEI Weekly: EPA Endangerment Finding Challenged in Court

Friday, March 2, 2012




Feature: CEI participates in a legal challenge to EPA regulations.

FEATURE: EPA Endangerment Finding Challenged in Court


This week, a three-judge panel at the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in a case challenging the EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. CEI was among the many parties behind the legal challenge. See CEI's press release on the case here, and read Marlo Lewis' article on the issue here.  




A Highway Bill Everyone Can Hate

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UAW: Building Taxpayer Burdens

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One Law for Me, Another for Thee

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The American Bus Revival

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Google Unfazed by AG's Furrowed Brows

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The Anti-GM Food Circus Rolls Through Connecticut

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Dem. Governor Claims Fewer Regulation Under Obama Than Bush

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Algae for Energy

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Drilling in Alaska a No-Brainer

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March 1, 2012: A Highway Bill Everyone Can Hate


Land-Use and Transportation Policy Analyst Marc Scribner explains why almost nobody is happy with how this year’s highway bill is turning out. Fiscal conservatives are leery of the price tag. Earmarkers are disappointed at efforts to make the bill pork-free. Transit activists are upset that the current version of the House bill would end the practice of using 20 percent of gas tax revenue to subsidize mass transit.