NHDP - Ray Buckley Asks Senator Ayotte To Stop Misrepresenting The Late Senator Kennedy

Concord, NH - Today New Hampshire Democratic Chair Ray Buckley called on Senator Kelly Ayotte to stop misrepresenting the views of late Senator Ted Kennedy on women's access to contraception.


"For Senator Ayotte to continue to perpetuate the fallacy that the late Senator Kennedy would have supported the language proposed by Senator Blunt is a complete fiction," said Buckley. "Senator Kennedy would never have supported denying millions of women access to birth control."


"One of Senator Kennedy's last acts was to vote for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and he did so without requiring the language some are now falsely claiming that he would have supported."


"While Senator Ayotte is certainly entitled to her own opinion, I would politely ask that she stop putting words into the mouth of one of this country's most distinguished Senators," Buckley concluded.


Chairman Buckley is only the latest to point out that the claims being made about what Senator Kennedy would or would not have supported have no basis in reality.


Earlier this week, Senator Barbara Boxer also criticized Senator Ayotte for misrepresenting the late Senator's views and asked that the Senator refuse to do so going forward. "Stop invoking the name of a departed colleague," Senator Boxer said. "Respect his memory.


Senator Boxer also pointed out that Senator Kennedy's son, Patrick, had also recently asked Senator Scott Brown, Senator Kennedy's successor, to stop using his father's name in the same context. She quoted a letter he sent to Senator Brown stating "You are entitled to your own position but I would ask that you not confuse my father's position for your own."