NHGOP: Obama's Making Matters Worse

CHAIRMAN MACDONALD: “Obama’s making matters worse and that’s why you saw a record Republican turnout in the New Hampshire primary about two months ago.”

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With President Obama visiting New Hampshire today, I wanted to share with you all excerpts from NHGOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald’s call with the media this morning.  Included below you’ll find comment from Chairman MacDonald and a link to the audio from today’s briefing, as well as a handful of key stories surrounding today’s visit.  Before you dive into the coverage below, consider this: The Boston Herald writes that we, the taxpayers, “are on the hook for Obama’s ‘official’ trip,” yet here’s what CNN reports:

“In fact the president will only be on the ground in New Hampshire fewer than 3 hours.  Soon thereafter he heads to the Big Apple for the real focus of his trip - fundraising. Like his other recent forays outside of Washington, D.C., the president’s ‘message’ event in New Hampshire will be but a prelude to some heavy duty fundraising efforts.” (Lesa Jansen, “High Octane Fundraising Events in the Big Apple,” CNN, 2/29/2012)

CHAIRMAN MACDONALD’S REMARKS: “In 2008, President Obama promised us energy independence and an end to soaring prices. Today, people in Nashua face gas prices that are double what they were three years ago. $1.85 three years ago and about $3.71 now. . . . President Obama is standing in the way of America's energy development. President Obama muscled through Congress a healthcare bill which injects government, costs $1 trillion and hurts small business owners. This law is making matters worse. On the economy, President Obama has created uncertainty. And he muscled through Congress a stimulus bill that wasted more than it was worth. What's worse is that we saw little to no job creation and had to borrow from China to pay for this. Obama's making matters worse and that's why you saw a record Republican turnout in the New Hampshire primary about two months ago.” (Link to Audio on Full Call – starts at 11 minute mark)

NEW GALLUP #’S – GOP Slightly Ahead in Enthusiasm: “By 53% to 45%, Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, are slightly more likely than Democrats and Democratic leaners to say they are ‘more enthusiastic than usual about voting’ this year. Republicans have consistently led Democrats in voting enthusiasm since last fall, but to varying degrees.” (Lydia Saad, Gallup, 3/1/2012)

N.H. UNION LEADER: “Speaker: Obama Owes Apology to NH Catholics”: President Obama will likely be greeted with rousing applause when he speaks here today, but he's not getting such a warm reception from House Republican leaders in Concord. ‘Since the President has demonstrated a profound deference to religious sensitivities in extending his apology to the Afghani Muslims for the burning of the coded copies of the Koran taken from terrorists, he really should take the opportunity of his visit to our state to likewise extend his heartfelt apology to New Hampshire Catholics,’ said House Speaker William O'Brien. . . .” (Ted Siefer, New Hampshire Union Leader, 3/1/2012)

NASHUA TELEGRAPH: “Still, New Hampshire Republican leaders remain bullish about the prospects of preventing Obama from winning the state’s four electoral votes in two straight elections. ‘The president is going to have a hard time coming here to talk about his accomplishments,’ said Tony Mazzola, executive director of the Republican State Committee. ‘He’s trying to inject government into every solution the nation faces; whether it’s health care, the economy or the national debt. I think that’s a sharp contrast to the values of our voters here,’ Mazzola said.” (Kevin Landrigan, “Obama Supporters Looking to Capitalize on Nashua Visit,” Nashua Telegraph, 2/29/2012)

BOSTON HERALD: “We’re On The Hook For Obama’s ‘Official’ Trip”: “If President Obama really wants to impress New Hampshire voters today with his plan to boost the economy, he should start with this money-saving idea: Don’t stick us with the bill for your campaign trip. White House officials, with a straight face, are calling a scheduled Nashua stopover today an ‘official’ government trip. That means you’re paying for most of it. ‘I think it raises some questions,” said New Hampshire GOP executive director Tory Mazzola. ‘It’s no coincidence the president is traveling from swing state to swing state on the government’s dime.’” (Joe Battenfeld, “Stump On Your Own Dime,” Boston Herald, 3/1/2012)

N.H. JOURNAL: President Barack Obama visits the Granite State Thursday (provided the snow storm doesn’t scuttle his trip). He’s expected to tout recent positive economic news to bolster his presidential re-election campaign. But the President should close his mouth and open his ears. If he did, he would learn a thing or two about fiscal prudence and responsible budgeting. When Republicans William O’Brien and Peter Bragdon took over the State House and State Senate respectively, they inherited a massive deficit hole of $47 million from the previous budget. One reason Republicans swept the 2010 elections is because the Democratic leaders of the previous General Court had so badly mismanaged state funds.” (Patrick Hynes, “What Obama can Learn from New Hampshire’s Budget Reform,” New Hampshire Journal, 3/1/2012)