Announcing:  A new book -- A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION: How “We the People” can truly “take back” our government (now available as an e-book via Amazon), by Peter Bearse, Ph.D., 2010 Republican Candidate for Congress in NH CD 1.

As a candidate, the author adopted the Tea Party’s message as his own: “Take back our government”. Post-election, he realized that there was a lot between the lip of the message and the cup of its implementation. Hence the new book, written during 2011.

2012 is now an election year in which all the matters discussed in the book – including the Tea Party and Occupy movements, inequality, political/economic system failures and their roots -- have already come to a head. This book is the only one to set forth in a comprehensive and systematic way how “We the People” can be empowered to resolve them. “The best and brightest” have failed us.  Only by tapping into the native intelligence and common sense of broad cross sections of the American people will we be able to confront and resolve the systemic crosscut of urgent issues that threaten the future of our republic. What is at stake is America as a truly democratic, self-governing political community devoted to American exceptionalism and fulfillment of the American Dream.Each reader is challenged to confront the scope of his or her “self” and how he or she can function in groups to effect real change – that which requires institutional innovation.

The prime audience is broad – any citizen who seeks to “make a difference”, politically. First and foremost, however, it is the growing set of political activists of all sorts, especially those in the Tea Party movement. The single most useful part of the book is a “TBOG” Manual on how to Take Back Our Government, presented as Appendix (A). Thus, the book fills a need felt by increasing numbers of people from all walks of life, including a broad swath of the middle class, who now see that the “system” is somehow “rigged” and want to know what they can do to help fix it.

A variety of other books deal with partial diagnoses and prescriptions of what has gone wrong with America’s political-economic system. This book, however, is the only one to address the whole enchilada and what “We the People” need to do in order to address basic problems and save our democratic republic. The fact that it is rooted in 40 years of political experience also sets it apart from most books in the field of political science, most of whose authors have little or no experience “laboring in the vineyards” of electoral and party politics. 

The author has three prior books to his credit along with a great number of shorter publications in the form of essays, op-eds, letters to editors and research reports. He has been a frequent contributor to an online journal, THE ETHICAL SPECTACLE ( for over 12 years and to the EAGLE TRIBUNE for nearly two years. 

Contacts:      BEN KILGORE, 978-998-9640, author’s publicist; and/or PETER BEARSE, Ph.D., author,       International Consulting Economist, and 2010 Republican Candidate for                                                                             Congress (NH CD 1), 603-819-1408; email: