Kevin Smith calls for statewide opposition to EPA’s $112 million job killing mandate

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, commented on the EPA’s recent mandate to require the installation of a new cooling system for the Merrimack Station power plant in Bow at an estimated cost of $112 million. Smith criticized the EPA’s latest action as arbitrary and one that will raise electricity costs for New Hampshire’s residential and business ratepayers.

“This is yet another example of the EPA’s heavy handed regulatory approach which will dramatically increase electricity rates for New Hampshire’s homeowners and employers,” said Smith. “With the state’s economy still struggling, this is not a time for another costly mandate from Washington, DC that is unnecessary, shortsighted, and based on data that is 40 years old."

“The protection of New Hampshire’s environment is very important to our quality of life and our tourism economy. However, any regulation must be based on sound data and administered in a balanced manner with input from local and state businesses and authorities, not arbitrarily set by some bureaucrat in Washington who is checking a box and sending a bill to the state’s consumers. New Hampshire has been, and will continue to be, the best manager of its environment and economic affairs."

“My highest priority as governor will be to retool our state’s economy and create an environment in which good paying, sustainable jobs can be generated. I will fight costly Federal mandates that stand to derail job growth by increasing costs to employers and residents. I call on John Lynch and our Federal delegation to join me in opposing the EPA’s latest $112 million absurdity.”