CEI Today: Obama gas prices, Internet gambling, regulation facts & figures


Globalwarming.org: President Continues Frantic Response to High Gasoline Prices

After speeches the last three weeks on why he isn’t to blame for high gasoline prices, I thought President Barack Obama would be moving on to other issues.  But in a sign of how desperate the White House is becoming about the threat gas prices pose to the President’s re-election, the President on Thursday, 15th March, gave yet another speech on the topic.

Mr. Obama took credit (completely undeservedly) for increasing domestic oil production, but then argued that increasing oil production won’t solve the problem of high gasoline prices.  According to the President, the only lasting solution is to continue pouring taxpayer dollars into subsidizing alternatives to oil.  Once we replace gasoline and diesel with other fuels, then we will have solved the problem of recurring spikes in gasoline prices.

The problem with the President’s argument is that the alternatives are likely to cost more, not less, than the oil they are replacing. 

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Washington Examiner: Let states regulate Internet gambling


In a recent op-ed in The Washington Examiner, former Pennsylvania governor and Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge and former FBI Director Louis Freeh called for immediate federal regulation of Internet gambling.

Ridge and Freeh, who are employed by Fair Play USA a lobbying group funded by the largest Las Vegas casinos, argue that federal rules are necessary for law enforcement to be able to tackle interstate crime and to keep minors from accessing online games. This is far from the truth. > Read the full commentary on WashingtonExaminer.com

> Interview Michelle Minton



Openmarket.org: 10 Thousand Commandments of federal regulations

Just another week in the world of regulation: 72 new final rules were published last week, up from 64 the previous week. That’s the equivalent of a new regulation every 2 hours and 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All in all, 725 final rules have been published in the Federal Register this year. If this keeps up, the total tally for 2012 will be 3,492 new rules. 

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> For more data, updated daily, go to TenThousandCommandments.com

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