NHDP - Stand With Me In Protecting New Hampshire Families

Dear Democrat:


This Wednesday, Bill O'Brien and his "Republican" allies are going to continue their attack on New Hampshire families by trying to pass HB 437, a bill that would repeal the freedom to marry.


O'Brien and company know that repealing New Hampshire's historic freedom to marry statute is not what New Hampshire's citizens want, which is why he will be spending the next 48 hours bullying and badgering legislators to pass HB 437 to appease his out of state enablers.


Please join me in sending a message to our Representatives in Concord that we will not stand for the deceiving ads, bogus mailers, and other scare tactics the anti-family National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is using to pass their hateful agenda.  


Governor Lynch has pledged to veto any attack on New Hampshire families, but we need to make ensure there are enough votes in the House and Senate to sustain his veto.


In honor of the 62% of New Hampshire citizens who support out marriage law, we want to generate over 6,200 messages from Granite Staters urging that HB 437 be defeated. Will you be one of the 6,200? 


Our opponents are working overtime to pass this hateful legislation, and we need to work just as hard to defeat it.  Email your legislators now  and then ask your friends and family to do the same so that we can exceed our goal of 6,200 messages by this Wednesday.


Thank you for standing up for New Hampshire values.