StandingUpForNHFamiles - SUFNHF and Republican State Reps Decry Effort to Repeal NH's Popular Marriage Equality Law

Speakers Decry Effort to Repeal Popular Marriage Equality Law

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families Joined by Key Supporters

CONCORD, NH- Two Republican state representatives, a celebrated New Hampshire chef who recently married her partner and a popular morning talk show host all joined members of the Leadership Council of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families urging the Legislature to reject HB 437 which would repeal the popular marriage equality law enacted in 2009.

Joining about 20 members of the bipartisan leadership council which represents business, community, civic, academic and religious leaders, Greg Kretschmar, the host of "The Morning Buzz" on WGIR said the repeal effort is "not the New Hampshire way."

"I've been happily married for more than 20 years.  All of us have friends and family who are gay.  And they deserve the chance at happiness that my wife and I share," said Kretschmar. "I talk to probably hundreds of thousands of people in a given week or month, and I can tell you people don't want this law repealed, they don't want government meddling in their lives.  HB 437 does not represent the New Hampshire I know.  It represents discrimination, and taking rights away from NH citizens.  That's not what this state is about."  

State Representative Mike Ball who also chairs the Manchester Republican Committee said he believes the House will not produce the necessary votes to override the Governor's certain veto, largely because of the strong bipartisan opposition to repeal.

"There are a sizable number of Republicans in the House who feel that gay marriage is a liberty issue," said Rep. Ball.  "And who believe in the idea that we're for a smaller government.  This repeal effort would allow government to micro-manage peoples' lives."

At the press conference, Republican State Representative Jenn Coffey of Andover was asked by a reporter if she was concerned about the $250,000 pledged by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to defeat Republicans who don't support repeal.  Coffey said she wasn't, that she "had to do what's right and look my family in the eye and look at myself in the mirror. It's important to do what's right."

Mary Dumont, who gained fame with her appearance on the Iron Chef television show, lives on the Seacoast with her wife, Emily French-Dumont who joined her today.

"I'm proud of my state and it's why I chose to come back to New Hampshire to live after many years," said Dumont who's the executive chef of Harvest Restaurant in Cambridge.  "I'm so glad to be home, to be with my family and friends, but Emily and our family is the most important part of my life and it's important for us to be married.  It's important for us and it's important for our children and that's why I hope the Legislature rejects this repeal."