NHforMarriage.com - Hours Away !

Dear Friend,

Opponents of traditional marriage in New Hampshire have had their say. 

Tomorrow, it's time for those of us with shared values to have ours!

On the eve of tomorrow’s all-important vote, we’re excited to announce that over fifty different pastors, representing thousands of New Hampshire families, have signed a petition supporting the restoration of traditional marriage, and urging legislators to vote YES on HB 437!

And, because of the hard work of supporters like you, Granite Staters are making their voices heard, calling on their local legislators to support traditional marriage by voting YES on HB 437.

Almost 5,000 citizens – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – visited our online action center to call and email their local representatives with one simple message: a vote against 437 is a vote for gay marriage.

Less than 24 hours from right now, the House will vote on HB 437, the common sense compromise that will restore traditional marriage, return to civil unions for same sex couples, and allow for citizens to vote on the matter in a non-binding referendum this fall.

Don’t let wealthy, out of state social activists corrupt the Granite State’s history of political independence!  Tell lawmakers to support HB 437 tomorrow!


Jason Rose

PS: Its not too late! Tell your legislator that a vote against HB 437 is a vote for gay marriage!

Click this link right now below to send your email or call today! http://www.nationformarriage.org/c.omL2KeN0LzH/b.7922059/k.9D17/NH_for_Marriage/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx