NRCC - Doctors Decry Shea-Porter's Board of Medicare Slashing Bureaucrats

New Hampshire Democrat’s Government Takeover of Healthcare Empowered 15 Bureaucrats in Washington to Deny Access to Care and Raise Costs for Seniors on Medicare

WASHINGTON --- When Carol Shea-Porter threw her support behind the government takeover of healthcare (Roll Call #165; Roll Call #167, 3/21/10), this included the controversial Independent Advisory Payment Board (IPAB) which allows a board of 15 unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to deny access to care and raise costs for seniors on Medicare. It’s no wonder that doctor and patient groups across the country oppose this provision of Shea-Porter's healthcare takeover, since 15 bureaucrats in Washington would stand between seniors on Medicare and their doctors.

“With her support for the Democrats’ government takeover of healthcare, Carol Shea-Porter seems to believe that 15 unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington are better equipped to make healthcare decisions than seniors and their doctors,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “It should come as no surprise that this Medicare-slashing panel in Shea-Porter's government healthcare takeover has attracted the opposition of dozens of medical groups representing over 400,000 doctors.”

Forty-one medical organizations representing 400,000 doctors and their patients have called for the repeal of IPAB:

“Leaving payment policy decisions in the hands of an unelected, unaccountable governmental body with minimal congressional oversight will negatively impact the availability of quality, efficient health care to Medicare beneficiaries and all Americans…

“America’s physicians are also concerned that the strict budgetary targets and other limitations imposed on the IPAB will ultimately threaten the ability of our nation’s seniors and disabled to obtain the health care they need, when they need it.” (Letter from Healthcare Stakeholders, House Energy and Commerce Committee, 3/5/12)

The House will be voting to repeal IPAB later this week:

“House Republicans have set up a vote next week to repeal a board created by the 2010 healthcare law that the GOP has criticized as a rationing board that could force Medicare cuts without congressional approval.” (Pete Kasperowicz, “House to vote on health board repeal,” The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog, 3/13/12)

 Doctors Decry Shea-Porter's Board of Medicare Slashing Bureaucrats #codered