Shea-Porter statement on House Republican Budget

New Hampshire-  Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for the NH-01 Congressional seat, released the following statement on the House Republican Budget.

"Congressman Guinta and his fellow Republicans have once again taken aim at the old, the young, the sick, the poor, and the middle class. We need  to shrink the deficit, but I will not support doing that by giving tax cuts to the very wealthy and to oil companies, rewarding companies that send jobs out of the country, ending Medicare and turning it into a voucher program, cutting Pell grants that help students pay for college, and by cutting too deeply into the budget. Congressman Guinta supports this budget because he does not believe in government--he has said that he wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, the Department of Education, the EPA, the Department of Energy, Amtrak, medical research, and so many other programs. Congressman Guinta is too extreme for New Hampshire, and his budget is too extreme for New Hampshire also."