U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta statement on House Budget Committee"s PATH TO PROSPERITY budget proposal


This generation faces what well could be its great decision.”

(WASHINGTON – MARCH 20, 2012)    U.S. Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) was on hand this morning when the House Budget Committee unveiled its budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013.  Guinta serves on that committee and helped craft it.

“This generation faces what well could be its great decision,” Guinta said after the announcement.  “We must rise to the challenge of reforming and modernizing government programs that were enacted in the 1960’s and make them more effective and efficient for the needs of the 21st Century.  If we don’t, we will be buried in an avalanche of debt that will cripple our country financially for decades to come.”

Called The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal, it follows up on the budget House Republicans passed in 2011, which offered practical solutions to control government spending.  That approach stands in sharp contrast to the U.S. Senate, which has not passed a budget in more than 1,000 days.  The Path to Prosperity calls for:

  • ·         a bipartisan, practical approach to safeguarding Medicare for future generations;
  • ·         cuts to government spending to protect hardworking taxpayers;
  • ·         tackling and addressing the drivers of our debt;
  • ·         restoring economic freedom and ensuring a level playing field for all by putting an end to corporate welfare and special-interest favoritism;
  • ·        

“When you get right down to it,” Guinta said, “the Path to Prosperity is about ending a bankrupt government’s empty promises.  It’s about revitalizing the hope that is the very foundation of the American Dream: making sure our children will have more opportunity than we do, and leaving them a stronger America than our parents passed on to us.”    

The House Budget Committee is expected to markup the Path to Prosperity on Wednesday.