Maggie Hassan Statement on Marriage Equality

MANCHESTER, NH – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement on the New Hampshire House vote on marriage equality. 

“In 2009, we answered the civil rights call of our time by making marriage equality a reality for each and every New Hampshire citizen. As Senate Majority Leader, I was proud to play a leading role in making that happen. Today the New Hampshire House surprised us all by voting against the repeal of marriage equality.  I sincerely thank each legislator who stood up for equality and stood up for what is right.  I strongly oppose any repeal of marriage equality. As Governor, just as I did in the State Senate, I will fight for equality for all,” said Hassan.

Maggie Hassan was instrumental in passing marriage equality in New Hampshire.  The Concord Monitor reported “Hassan helped gay marriage pass the Senate by crafting an amendment that won over hesitant senators. Former state representative Jim Splaine, who sponsored the legislation, said Hassan was able to find a consensus among Democratic senators that the existing civil union law was not sufficient.”

Ovide Lamontagne recently attended a State House rally to support repealing the marriage law. Kevin Smith is a paid lobbyist for an anti-marriage equality organization.