Pappas For Executive Council - Had Enough? So Have I!

Dear Friend,


It's time to return some much needed balance to the political debate in Concord. From compromising women's access to health care to halting the study rail service for southern New Hampshire, the Executive Council is putting politics ahead of the people's business. Councilors are sacrificing the health of our communities and the future of our economy; we cannot afford more of the same.


After weeks of encouragement from leaders and friends across the state, I have decided to launch my campaign to seek the open seat in District 4. As a pragmatic voice for greater Manchester, I'll always be an advocate for the best interests of the region. I'll listen to people, build consensus, and never let political ideology get in the way of doing what's right.

We all know correcting this imbalance won't be an easy task. In fact, District 4 has not elected a Democrat to the Council since 1996. But I am committed to building a strong campaign by working hard across the district for the next seven months, connecting with voters and talking about why we desperately need new leadership on the Council. I can't do it alone, which is why I'm asking for your help.

The time has come to restore sanity and moderation to state government and put the people's business back on top of the agenda; by working closely with Deb Pignatelli and Colin Van Ostern, I am confident our cause can prevail. Your support today will be an encouraging sign-the price of inaction is just too great.

Thanks so much for your friendship and support. Let's win in 2012! 

- Chris

P.S. It is going to take a great deal of resources to spread my message across such a large district. Please make your contribution today so that we can begin mapping out our strategy to win in the fall!