CEI Today: Supreme Court/EPA wetlands, JOBS Act, and Obama vs. Ryan budgets


Openmarket.org:Supreme Court Affirms Right to Challenge Government Power Grabs in Sackett v. EPA; Justice Alito Cites CEI Amicus Brief


Rejecting the arguments of the Obama administration, the Supreme Court has just held that EPA “compliance orders” can be challenged in court if they are arbitrary and capricious — for example, if they are based on an erroneous bureaucratic interpretation of what a “wetland” is, that results in dry land improperly being declared an unusable wetland. In his concurring opinion, Justice Alito explained one reason why such judicial review is needed: the EPA uses vague, inconsistent standards when it declares seemingly-dry land to be a wetland. As he pointed out, citing CEI’s amicus brief, “far from providing clarity and predictabil­ity, the agency’s latest informal guidance advises property owners that many jurisdictional determinations concern­ing wetlands can only be made on a case-by-case basis by EPA field staff.  >View the full commentary on Openmarket.org



Openmarket.org:Yes, the JOBS Act Will Create Jobs, Wealth, and Investor Freedom

The Senate is expected to pass the JOBS Act today.  CEI's John Berlau explains how it will be a boon to American businesses:

The JOBS Act, in many different ways, lifts the barriers that stunt the growth of these firms that are responsible for the bulk of new job growth. For tiny startups, it removes longstanding rules that prohibit raising capital through crowdfunding, the pooling of resources through online social networks. Currently, sites such as Kickstarter are limited to a donation model for fundraising, but any offer of profit-sharing could subject the entrepreneur to millions of dollars of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) red tape. Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, any firm with 500 or more shareholders becomes subject to many of the same costly reporting rules faced by publicly-traded companies. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org



Dailymail.co.uk: Two Budget Proposals Demonstrate the Depth of the Political Divide in the US

In the Daily Mail, Iain Murray explains how the Obama and Paul Ryan budgets reveal a great political divide in America:

That the two budgets take completely different paths to restoring the economy is indicative of the depth of the political divide in the US. Yet one represents a bold, forward-thinking, hard-headed approach, while the other is stuck in the past and represents a failure to understand the dynamic nature of the US economy.

The problem is that there is so little common ground between these two positions that there is no room for compromise. Indeed, it could be argued that the constant compromise between these positions during the Clinton and Bush years is what got America into its current debt problems. > Read the full commentary on Dailymail.co.uk





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