NHDP - New Hampshire House Stands Up for Equality

CONCORD, NH - Despite the backing of Bill O'Brien and much of his radical leadership team, HB 437, which repeals the state's popular marriage equality law, did not pass. Over 100 Republicans joined Democrats in rejecting the Speaker's attempts to turn back the clock on civil rights in the New Hampshire.


"Bill O'Brien and company continue to show that they have no idea what the people of New Hampshire want," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "Poll after poll have shown wide support for New Hampshire's marriage equality law, yet Bill O'Brien continues to buck public opinion as he tries to pass his extreme right wing social agenda."


"However, enough Republicans chose to turn their back on O'Brien, Bates, and their unpopular attempts to push radical social policies on New Hampshire's citizens. I guess the Speaker has lost his iron handed control over his party."


"Having lost 11 previous votes to try to force their views on the House, Representatives David Bates and Warren Groen were forced to resort to outrageously offensive scare tactics about bestiality and incest in a desperate last ditch effort to take away the rights of tens of thousands of New Hampshire citizens."


"New Hampshire has been a leader in equality and has been held up as a model by other states who are rapidly moving to join New Hampshire in guaranteeing all citizens access to one of the most basic and fundamental civil rights," said Buckley.


"Today 211 Representatives stood up for equality, and against Bill O'Brien's attempts to turn back the clock in New Hampshire."