Frank's Footnotes Newsletter: A Path to Prosperity & Jobs

The Path to Prosperity: The Budget Committee offers a serious budget proposal

The House Budget Committee (which I serve on) unveiled our budget proposal for FY 2013 on Tuesday. The Path to Prosperity is a serious approach to address our nation’s serious fiscal problems. In a nutshell, it would slam the brakes on runaway government spending, tackle our growing debt and deficits, while also providing a bipartisan plan for safeguarding and protecting Medicare for both current recipients and future generations. You can read it for yourself by clicking here.

The Path to Prosperity is a sharp contrast to President Obama’s budget proposal, which calls for more spending, deeper debt and bigger deficits, and more borrowing to pay for it. Then there’s the Senate, which hasn’t passed any budget since 2009. At 1,000+ days and counting, Senate leaders say they won’t vote on one this year either.

The House Budget Committee recognizes that our increasingly precarious fiscal condition jeopardizes our country’s future. Remember: the America we hand over to our children tomorrow will be shaped by the decisions we make today.

You can read my joint opinion piece with Budget Chairman Paul Ryan in this week's Union Leader by clicking here.

The Healthcare Reform Law, Two Years Later: Removing a troublesome provision

Two years ago today, the Obama Administration’s healthcare reform bill became law. Granite Staters have been examining the many details of this sweeping legislation for two years now, and they’re increasingly troubled by what they’re finding in it. I’m disturbed by it, too. That’s why I sided with the bipartisan majority on Thursday to pass H.R. 5, the Protecting Access to Healthcare (PATH) Act. It would abolish the panel of 15 unelected federal bureaucrats, whose job would be determining which health and medical care for seniors the government would pay for, and which it wouldn’t. Seniors who’ve built their retirement plans around Medicare deserve better treatment, and I’m fighting to make sure they receive it.  Click here for more information on Thursday's vote.

Besides the IPAB repeal, I’ve also voted to repeal the healthcare reform law in its entirety, have voted to defund it, and voted to successfully remove the 1099 provision, which would have imposed a great burden on small businesses. I will continue to fight this misguided law until it no longer poses a threat to hardworking Granite State families and small businesses. You can click here to read my statement on the two year anniversary of the healthcare reform law.

Working Together: Partisan labels give way to cooperation on fishing bill

We hear a lot these days about gridlock on Capitol Hill. I’m pleased to tell you about a case of bipartisan cooperation that can produce important results here in New Hampshire.

Earlier this week, I joined with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) to introduce H.R. 4208, The Fisheries Investment and Regulatory Relief Act. In a nutshell, it would prevent important funding intended to support fisheries and research and development projects to boost our state’s struggling fishing industry. Click here to learn more about the bill and click here to learn more about what I am doing for New Hampshire's Fishing Industry.

H.R. 4208 demonstrates Members can work together in Congress to accomplish positive results for the common good. Congressman Frank and I come from different parties and view many issues from different perspectives. And we’re also willing to set partisan labels aside and work together for the good of New England. Click here to read what Foster’s Daily Democrat had to say about our bipartisan work together in their editorial titled "Bipartisanship comes to the fore."

Calling on Capitol Hill: Middle Schoolers Visit Congress

When nearly two dozen middle schoolers come to Capitol Hill, you can always count on two things: lots of fun and plenty of questions! I shared both Tuesday morning when I had the privilege of taking students from The Derryfield School into the House chamber. They saw where bills are debated and visited the Cloak Room where Members gather before votes. Their questions ranged from “What’s your favorite part of being Congressman” to “How many times a day do you vote?” Then we gathered on the Capitol steps for a group photo. Thanks to The Derryfield School for including me in their visit.

Remember, if your school is planning a trip to Washington, DC, please be sure to call my office at (202) 225-5456 and let me know. I’d love to see you while you’re here. The welcome mat is always out for Granite Staters!

Pictured Bottom Row (from left): Alex Labonte, Nate Milliken, Naomi Durand, Julia Ek, Tyler Crews, Kelly Collins.
Second Row: Silas Howe, Ryan O'Meara, Brenna Conway, Abby Hovey, Henna Malik.
Third Row: Mark Blaisdell (chaperone), Isabell Plotsker, Anna Welch, Cecelia Templeton, Sam Muskat, Julia Perkins, Paige Voss
Fourth Row: Robbie Dowst, Sawyer Strong, Parker Blaisdell, Charlotte Leydon, Margaret Ives, Emma Polgrean.
Fifth Row: Sam Anderson, Congressman Guinta, Justin Perkins (chaperone)

Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Community Health Centers

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an unexpected honor this week. I met Thursday morning with representatives from the Bi-State Primary Care Association. They presented me with their 2012 Community Health Center Champion Award in recognition of my support for them in Congress. I listened with great interest as they told me about their goals for this year. Community health centers are on the front line of helping keep Granite Staters healthy in many towns and cities. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the coming months.

(Pictured: Susan Noon – Durham, NH; Kevin Kelley – Vermont; Richard Cotter – Lancaster, NH; Jonathan Brown – Colebrook, NH; Jason Grey – Meredith, NH; Tess Kuenning – Bow, NH; Edward Shanshala – Littleton, NH.)