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We Will Continue The Fight
To Restore Traditional Marriage

Dear Friend,

Like you, New Hampshire for Marriage is saddened and disappointed in the failure to pass compromise legislation restoring marriage, and providing for civil unions for same-sex couples.  

This common sense legislation, HB 437, also would have provided citizens the opportunity to make their own voices heard by voting on the matter in a non-binding referendum this fall.

Unfortunately, voters were stripped of that opportunity because of politicians who once promised to support traditional marriage, only to break that promise on Wednesday when the vote was on the line.

We fought hard.  And we can’t thank you enough for your hard work.

You joined thousands of families of shared values in support of traditional marriage, asking politicians to reject the special interests, and the gay marriage lobbyists who bought and paid for a 2009 gay marriage law that voters never asked for.

New Hampshire families were let down by many of the same trusted officials they elected in 2010 in what they thought was a solid pro-marriage majority.

But, this fight is not over.

A vote against HB 437 is a vote for gay marriage.  This September in the Primary elections, and in every election that follows, we will hold every legislator accountable for such a vote.

The stakes are too high to let out-of-state social activists to hijack our political process.  Gay marriage activists only win when they can bypass the people, and ply politicians and activist judges with large campaign contributions to do their bidding.

We will never abandon our commitment to you, and to restoring the traditional definition of marriage.

In New Hampshire, the voice of the people will always prevail.


Jason Rose

New Hampshire for Marriage