NHDP - No Room for Women: Only Three Romney Delegates are Female

Concord, NH - Continuing to demonstrate their lack of interest in listening to women's voices, only three of Mitt Romney's delegates to the Republican National Convention are women. In all, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee has chosen to send an 80 percent male delegation to the Republican National Convention in Miami. Of the 40 delegates and alternates the party could send, only eight of them are women.     


"It is increasingly clear that the New Hampshire Republican Party is not interested in listening to women's voices. Here in New Hampshire, Republicans are fighting hard to repeal contraception insurance coverage for New Hampshire women; launched an assault on reproductive freedom; and have even proposed legislation to make it easier for stalkers and domestic violence offenders to buy guns," said Donna Soucy, Interim Executive Director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. " Nationally, Republicans are blocking renewal of the bipartisan Violence Against Women's Act.    


"Perhaps if they had more women's voices at the table, they would be more willing to preserve the rights and freedoms of women," Soucy said.