NHGOP Reacts to Obama Campaign's Phony Efforts to Re-Brand Health Law

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following response to the Obama campaign’s press conference on health care:

“After two years, the American people have already seen enough of President Obama’s government-takeover of healthcare.  Here in New Hampshire, voters have a strong distrust of government and an overwhelming disdain for the out-of-control spending ObamaCare continues.  No matter how much Obama’s campaign tries to spin this law and no matter how much money Washington Democrats spend trying to re-brand it, New Hampshire voters will continue to oppose this plan because it taxes too much, borrows too much and fails to solve the problems facing the American people. 

“ObamaCare is actually making matters worse.  The best way for voters to send a message that they’ve had enough is to elect our Republican nominee to the White House in November and make sure Barack Obama only serves one term.”