CEI Today: EPA greenhouse gas rule, cosmetics regulation, and union pensions


Globalwarming.org: Obama Turns from Raising Gas Prices to Raising Electric Rates


The Obama Administration‟s Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday released a final rule to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from electric utilities that will ban the construction of new conventional coal-fired power plants. The result will be to raise electric rates for consumers, businesses, and manufacturers.

“President Obama has decided to apply the same policy magic that is raising gasoline prices to electricity prices,” said Myron Ebell, Director of CEI‟s Center for Energy and Environment. “The Obama EPA‟s new global warming rule will raise electric rates in the heartland states that get most of their electricity from coal. These are the states where American manufacturing is now concentrated precisely because they depend on affordable electricity from coal.”
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Openmarket.org: Congressional Blowout Over Cosmetics Law Reform

On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a hearing on cosmetics regulation to consider whether Congress should beef up federal law to ensure public health and safety. Ironically, many calls for federal action came from industry, mostly small firms that simply want the freedom to innovate and market products across state lines without running up against 50 different sets of rules and who want to restore consumer confidence about the safety of their products.

Unfortunately, federal action may move the debate in a different, not-so-positive direction, particularly given the viewpoints expressed by lawmakers who will craft the “reforms.” > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

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Forbes.com: Ma Bell's Long Legacy Of Unsustainable Pensions Is Alive and Well

“Communism,” comedian Lenny Bruce once quipped, “is like one big phone company.” This dated joke refers to the monolithic phone company known as “Ma Bell,” which enjoyed a government-granted monopoly over America’s communications sector until being broken up in 1984. But while Ma Bell is long dead, its legacy of unsustainable pensions remains alive and well. > Read more on Forbes.com

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