Heritage Completes New Film on American Energy

Energy is the Heartbeat of America
View the trailer of the new Heritage film Powering America. The film presents the state of energy production today and removes the shroud of misunderstanding surrounding nuclear energy. Skyrocketing electricity and gasoline costs will surely bring the topic to the forefront of political debate this fall. The Documentary Channel is broadcasting the film and there are plans for other television and theater screenings. Learn more at www.Heritage.org/PoweringAmericaFilm.



Religious Liberty & First Amendment Are Under Attack
HHS struck a nerve when they issued a mandate that coerced Christians into violating their conscience by paying for insurance that covers sterilization, contraception, and abortion-inducing drugs. Heritage expert Jennifer Marshall's commentary explains how Obamacare threatens religious freedom. The Becket Fund produced a series of videos to ensure that the truth about the HHS mandate doesn't remain a secret. Historically conscientious objectors' rights were respected in the military. Americans United for Life created a video to warn Americans that Obama's conscience "claws" are shredding the Constitution.



Green Hypocrisy More Palpable Than Ever  
Environmentalist bureaucrats have really outdone themselves. They proposed killing owls to protect owls and suggested obtaining a permit for killing bald eagles to allow for windmills. Other bureaucrats spent $500 Million+ in taxpayer money on a plug-in car that died on the test track and an environmentalist leader stole information from a conservative non-profit. Learn how the EPA harms America on Heritage's Energy & Environment website and why environmental regulations must be scaled back.


Successful Leaders Hone Networking, Speaking & Persuasion Skills
The Institute for Humane Studies created a guide that gives great advice on how conservative organizations work and what skills you must hone to be the most effective advocate for your cause. The guide provides advice on how to improve your networking, persuasion and public speaking skills. Let's weave together the strands of our movement through networking to strengthen it.