RNC - Day Two: ObamaCare Failing New Hampshire

Hi everyone – It was  two for Obamacare oral arguments in the Supreme court, and yet another poll, this time New York Times/CBS, came out last night showing more Americans opposed to Obamacare than in favor.  Today, the RNC came out with a research document highlighting President Obama’s failure to keep his promise when it comes to one of his key selling points on health reform: “If you like your [health] plan, keep your [health] plan.”  Important points about the negative impacts of ObamaCare on New Hampshire are below.  


Also, in case you missed it, a column penned by U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) titled, Federal health care law is affront to freedom , is pasted below.


From the RNC Research piece: Another Broken Promise As ObamaCare Continues To Flat-Line: http://bit.ly/Hathz5


Seniors Are Currently Being Dropped From Medicare Advantage


Thousands Of Seniors In New Hampshire Were Notified That Their Medicare Advantage Plans Are Being Discontinued. “Many local Medicare Advantage users are being left in the lurch by their health plan providers. About 7,600 seniors in Rockingham, Carroll, and Hillsborough Counties received notice earlier this month that their Medicare Advantage coverage is being discontinued. New Hampshire has one of the highest percentages of Medicare Advantage enrollees in New England.” (Julie Hanson, “Medicare Questions Just Keep Coming,” Union Leader, 11/30/11)

And The Seniors Losing Their Medicare Advantage Coverage In New Hampshire Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg. Medicare Chief Actuary Richard “[F]oster's office is projecting that more than 7 million Medicare recipients in private Medicare Advantage plans will eventually have to find other coverage. That would cut enrollment in the popular plans by about half.” (“Medicare Official Doubts Health Care Law Savings,” The Associated Press, 1/26/11)


  • Union Leader: New Hampshire Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries Were Lied To. “Remember when President Obama said that if his health care ‘reform’ law passed, you’d still get to keep your doctor? Medicare Advantage participants in the Granite State are finding out what a lie that was.” (Editorial, “A Small Taste: New Hampshire Samples ObamaCare,” Union Leader, 12/1/11)
  • Union Leader: Americans Will Lose Coverage Along With Their Health Providers As Well. “Its regulations will so skew the private insurance market that millions will lose the coverage they have and be forced into plans preferred by bureaucrats in Washington. They will lose access to their doctors, too. It would make a lot more sense to reform the health insurance market by working to give people more control over their own care, not less.” (Editorial, “A Small Taste: New Hampshire Samples ObamaCare,” Union Leader, 12/1/11)



Read the entire Op-ed from Senator Kelly Ayotte in today’s Foster’s Daily Democrat:  http://bit.ly/Hg5Wdm


Foster’s Daily Democrat:  Federal health care law is affront to freedom

By, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte


This week, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the constitutionality of the president's health care law. In a state that cherishes its "Live Free or Die" motto, it's important to remember what this debate is ultimately about — freedom.

By requiring individuals to purchase a particular product — in this case, health insurance — President Obama has opened the door to unprecedented federal interference into Americans' personal lives.

Also, remember when the president said if you liked your plan, you could keep it? Try telling that to the seven million seniors who will lose access to their Medicare Advantage plans. Or to families in 17 states who no longer have access to "child only" health insurance plans. The former CBO director even warned that the law "provides strong incentives for employers — and their employees — to drop employer sponsored health insurance for as many as 35 million Americans." Any doubt that the law wouldn't end current health coverage for many consumers is dispelled by the more than 1,700 waivers the administration has granted allowing roughly four million Americans to delay being impacted by its requirements.

Additionally, the law was sold on the promise that it would create jobs. But billions in new taxes and mandates are having the opposite effect — providing a powerful disincentive for businesses to grow and make new hires.

Nancy Pelosi said Congress had to pass this bill so we could find out what was in it. Now that Americans have taken a closer look, the consequences are clear: diminished freedom, higher costs, less choice and fewer jobs. If we don't repeal this law and replace it with common sense market-based reforms, there's no telling how much further the Obama administration will go into our doctors' offices — or our lives.