SUFNHF Blasts NOM Memos; Calls on GOP Gubernatorial Candidates to Denounce Cynical, Hateful Tactics


CONCORD, NH -With the release of internal strategy memos of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) outlining a $20 million political campaign which aimed to drive a wedge between the gay community and communities of color, today the co-chair of Standing Up for NH Families called on the state's gubernatorial candidates to denounce NOM and its cynical and racist tactics.  The memos were made public in court documents released in Maine where NOM is fighting compliance with campaign finance laws.

"These memos are disgraceful and Granite State voters need to remember that NOM dumped $2 million into the gubernatorial and legislative races in 2010 hoping to drive it's anti-family message home," said Craig Stowell, Republican co-chair of the bipartisan organization dedicated to defending the 2009 freedom to marry law.  

In particular, Stowell singled out Kevin Smith who is a paid lobbyist for NOM and former Executive Director of Cornerstone, another organization described extensively in the newly unveiled memos. "Did Kevin Smith advance this strategy, did he approve of it, and, if he didn't, he should resign immediately and denounce this mean-spirited crusade that hurts real New Hampshire families."  
Last week, 119 Republican lawmakers in the House joined 92 Democrats in defeating the effort to repeal the popular marriage equality law.  The 211 to 116 vote reflected what polls over the last year have shown, that by a two-to-one margin, voters did not want the law repealed.  
NOM has already spent millions of dollars in New Hampshire and has threatened to spend another $250,000 to campaign against any lawmaker, but particularly Republican lawmakers, who voted to stop repeal.