Americans Elect's Technology Revolutionizes Modern Politics

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WASHINGTON, D.C., MARCH 28, 2012–Americans Elect Board of Advisors Member Ed Colligan is a man with undeniable vision. Moving to Silicon Valley in 1985, Colligan established himself in the technology industry at Radius, Inc., a computer hardware firm. Colligan then moved to Palm, where as the first vice president of marketing he helped to develop and launch the iconic PalmPilot.

After Colligan left Palm he founded Handspring, where he and his partners launched what is now the foundation of smartphones–the Handspring Treo. Colligan brokered the merger of Handspring and Palm into Palm, Inc. and with him as CEO, Palm saw the creation of the WebOS platform and the creation of the Palm Pre line of smartphones. Since stepping down from Palm, Colligan has continued to have a hand in the technology world by investing in startups and mentoring tech entrepreneurs to help develop the next generation of cutting-edge products. Colligan’s technological expertise and foresight are great resources to Americans Elect’s Board of Advisors.
“Americans Elect is utilizing modern technology in a way that allows voters to participate in a new and revolutionary way,” said Colligan. “Innovations for nominating America’s leaders are vital to the 21st century political process to create a more inclusive and effective system.”

Colligan's confidence in Americans Elect's technology was proven by the recent distinction of winning the People's Choice Award at this year's South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, TX.
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