CEI Today: EPA attack on coal, FCC reform, and public opinion on Obamacare



Globalwarming.org: Weird Regulation: EPA’s CO2 Standard for Power Plants

Tuesday, EPA proposed its first-ever “carbon pollution standard rule” for power plants. The rule would establish a new source performance standard (NSPS) for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil-fuel electric generating units (EGUs). The proposed standard is an emission rate of 1,000 lbs CO2 per megawatt hour. About 95% of all natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plants already meet the standard (p. 115). No existing coal power plants do. Even today’s most efficient coal plants emit, on average, 1,800 lbs CO2/MWh (p. 134). EPA is effectively banning investment in new coal electric generation. > Read more on Globalwarming.org

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Forbes.com: How to Regulate the Federal Communications Commission

The House of Representatives just passed H.R. 3309, the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act, in an attempt to normalize the FCC‘s propensity to regulate without congressional authority, and to arrest its eager interference with ordinary, essential business transactions like mergers.

Yet the Senate will never pass Rep. Greg Walden’s (R-Ore.) bill. And the Obama Administration promises a veto despite recent executive orders like “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review,” and a newer order ostensibly encouraging independent agencies like FCC itself to conduct cost-benefit assessments and otherwise make regulation more sensible.

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DailyCaller.com: No to broccoli mandate, yes to health insurance mandate?

The results of a Reason-Rupe poll that was released on Monday are more interesting than the pollsters may have intended. Two of the questions they asked rely on the same basic principle: whether or not the government should be able to force you to purchase a certain product. The answers were wildly different.

In one question, the mandatory product was broccoli. Eighty-seven percent of respondents said this would be unconstitutional. Eight percent said it would be constitutional, and five percent didn’t know.  In the other question, the mandatory product was health insurance. Sixty-two percent said this would be unconstitutional. Thirty percent said it would be constitutional, and eight percent didn’t know.

That’s a 25-percent difference in how many people thought the different product mandates were unconstitutional, even though the principle at hand — the power to mandate — is exactly the same. Weird, huh?

There are many ways to interpret this. >View the full story on DailyCaller.com



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