House Moves Forward with Lamontagne-O’Brien “Major and Potentially Destructive” Plan to Cut Medicare for Seniors

CONCORD, NH - The New Hampshire House voted today to move forward with Ovide Lamontagne-Bill O'Brien's dangerous plan for the state to take over Medicare for seniors.


The House rejected the work of its Commerce Committee, which said the proposals had too many questions to go forward at this time, and passed HB 1560, creating "an interstate health care compact." The proposal, which Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne has said would be one of his priorities, would have states take over Medicare and Medicaid with block grants from the federal government, likely resulting in severe cuts to both.


"Ovide Lamontagne's sketchy plan would cut health care for tens of thousands of seniors and vulnerable New Hampshire residents," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Ovide needs to be honest with New Hampshire seniors and tell them about his plans to take over Medicare and the cuts it will mean to their health care."


In an op-ed on Sunday, Russ Armstrong, the chair of the State Committee on Aging, wrote that the bill "would have a major and potentially destructive impact on health care for seniors."


In a recent Union Leader op-ed, Ovide Lamontagne said the takeover of Medicare would be one of his top priorities as governor.


"I will also seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare to deregulate health care, while working for free-market reforms to bring competition to our health care delivery system and insurance markets and ensure high-quality, lower-cost care and coverage for all." [Union Leader, 2/10/12]