Free Keene News - Hacktivists Target Keene Council, Mayor

AntiSec "Hacktivists" Target Keene City Council, Mayor

Just a day after the Keene city council voted 9 to 4 to accept the BEARCAT attack "tank", anonymous "hacktivists" calling themselves AntiSec have "doxed" councilor Janice Manwaring and mayor Kendall Lane.  The group is promising to release more info on the other city council members who voted for the militaristic vehicle.  Details are at Free Keene in this article:

BEARCAT mfr LENCO Pulls More Promo Videos Offline

LENCO has targeted more YouTube accounts and had their three-minute, military-fetishizing video pulled offline.  However, activists still have it online via other YouTube accounts, and the video is being spread.  It will never be removed from the net entirely: