ALG's Daily Grind: Obama, New York Times assault U.S. Supreme Court

March 29, 2012


Obama, New York Times Assault U.S. Supreme Court

Expect to hear and read warnings from the left and their sycophants in the media about a dangerous turn of the Court. The groundwork has already been laid.

Video: The Supreme Court ObamaCare Debate Wraps Up, Provides A Wrap-Up

Will the debate over the individual mandate lead to a complete cut for ObamaCare? What is being said about the expansion of Medicaid?'s John Vinci explains.

Crowdfunding bill passes Congress, but did it go far enough?

Senate modifies legislation to raise capital on the Internet, requiring tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars of costly accounting and auditing fees - for new companies without any capital.

Fracking: An existential threat to green dogma

Eco-activists are spreading unfounded fears about this proven technology, saying unregulated fracking companies are operating with little concern for ecological values and causing cancer, earthquakes and groundwater contamination.